Elias Adanu

CSCE 656: Computers & New Media


Hello! My name is Elias Adanu, a PhD student at the Department of English. This is my CSCE 656-Computers and New Media website. Here, I expect to post information on myself, on the course and other things of possible interest.

I’m taking this class as an extension of my interest in the intersection of digital technology and humanistic enquiry. It’s amazing to watch how reading, writing, authorship, and publishing have evolved over time across different media. Barely 500 years ago, scrolls were the in-thing, then parchments, then books became fashionable and expensive and only reserved for the elite in society because paper was too expensive. Now, books are everywhere, and are fast giving way to online reading, writing, and authorship. I’m interested in how humans interact with information using digital resources, and how the use of these resources shape how information is generated, presented and accessed.

And, since I’m not all that sciencey, I’m hoping to gain some valuable basic programming skills…

When I’m not doing school stuff, I’m usually reading¬†something else (anything by C.S. Lewis, Dickens, Tolstoy…), or pretending to play the guitar (which I do terribly). I also love taking photographs – of people, smiling, or frowning, or doing whatever people usually do.


Television: Mozart in the Jungle, Sherlock Holmes, Downton Abbey on Netflix & Amazon Prime Video

Phone: Mainly news from BBC, CNN, WSJ, The Atlantic etc.

Social Media: I’m mainly on WhatsApp & Facebook; and I snoop around without engaging on Instagram & Twitter.

Radio: BBC, sparingly.

Podcasts: AlMohler, Justice, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, Mere Rhetoric, Rhetoricity,

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